Samuel J. Dixon RFC: 

Samuel (Sam) J. Dixon is a managing partner and founding member of the Oxford Advisory Group, a financial planning and investment firm in Orlando, Florida. With over a decade of market knowledge and experience, Samuel has successfully aided executives, small business owners, and retirees to make wise financial decisions regarding their IRA legacy planning and investments. With his assistance, hundreds of couples and individuals have stable retirement plans despite the risks and unsteady trends of the modern financial system.

On Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings, Sam and his brother Chris host the “Reinventing Retirement” show on WFLA 93.1, and can be seen on the news detailing how to make the most of your social security benefits while avoiding common tax pitfalls. In addition, Samuel is a contributor to Kiplinger Financial, Newsmax, The Street, and other reputable financial publications.

Samuel graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University with a degree in risk management and insurance, emphasizing financial planning and wealth management.

Samuel received investment advisor accreditation from the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and serves as an investment adviser representative for AE Wealth Management, LLC. Sam holds his insurance licenses in Florida and South Carolina. Today, he shares his knowledge of financial planning through popular online and in-person seminars, providing vital information to growing and protecting wealth for investment and retirement.

Sam’s greatest joy in life comes from his family, including his wife, Katie, and their three children Clark, Callan, and Elowen. Their favorite pastime is enjoying the great outdoors together and boating on Lake Butler in northern Florida. Sam also enjoys coaching Clark in sports. Actively involved in his church, Sam enjoys teaching the youth of his community how to live a happy and successful life.

If you are interested in planning a brighter financial future, work with Sam at the Oxford Advising Group in Orlando, Florida. We also have offices in Clermont, Mount Dora, and Tampa.

Sam Dixon In the News

Crafting a Budget Your Retirement Income Needs – The Street, July 8th, 2021

Budgeting and saving for retirement has become every individual’s responsibility like never before. Being realistic, preparing for future medical expenses, and gaining an accurate understanding of today’s tax laws are just some of the ways to prepare for a successful retirement.

3 Moves Millennials Must Make to Retire Early – Newsmax, August 2nd, 2019

Is it possible for millennials to plan for retirement? What can they do now to save for the future? Sam explains the importance of saving as early as possible. He encourages young people to take advantage of risks for potential gains while diversifying their investments for greater security against market volatility.

One Retirement Age Milestone People Tend to Forget – Kiplinger, August 30th, 2019

Retiring at age 65 with your finances secure is the ultimate goal. But did you know that when you turn 70½, the government requires holders of certain retirement accounts, including pensions? These required minimum distributions, or RMD’s, can mean severe tax penalties if not planned for. Sam shares how to prepare for this lesser-know requirement, even when the market is down.

Don’t Let Your 401(k) Go Solo – Your Retirement Needs Backup Investments – The Street, December 14th, 2020

401(k) plans have been a reliable tool to save money for retirement, especially with employee matching and tax deferment. But it isn’t wise to depend on a single method of investment, especially when taxes come due. Fortunately, there are alternate saving and investment methods to help secure your finances in both the present and the future.

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